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Coquitlam Legion May 8-10 2009 May 10, 2009

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Coquitlam Legion 1

Coquitlam Legion 2

Coquitlam Legion 3

Coquitlam Legion 4

Coquitlam Legion 5


We’re playing at the Whalley Legion Easter Week ! April 13, 2009

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Happy Easter Folks!

At the Whalley Legion in Surrey,  – We’re playing Easter weekend, Easter Monday April 13th and Wednesday April 15th!

Please check out our videos filmed by April Smith of AHA MEDIA 

See you all down there! 🙂



Happy New Year 2009 January 2, 2009

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Jim and I played to a fantastic audience at the Whalley Legion on New Year’s Eve.  It was a packed and sold out event! Everyone was dancing and celebrating!

What a fantastic time ringing in the New Year!  We’ve got some great memories!




A LANDSLIDE Review of us! – Reprinted with permission December 18, 2008

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          LANDSLIDE is a dynamic and professional musical duo! This entertaining act of local, well known and seasoned performers: Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns, have been playing together in town and on the road since 1991.  With over 17 years of live performances and experiences as the duo LANDSLIDE, Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns, both possess and employ strong lead guitar playing and vocals to make every show they do, the best they can for their audiences!!

           Together, LANDSLIDE bring their many years in the music business and their professional musicianship of being well traveled, knowledgeable, and polished singers and instrumentalists to make every event magical and memorable.

          Now based out of Surrey, B.C and able to travel internationally to their next live music engagement, these two professional musicians provide an appealing blend of crowd pleasing song styles and danceable tunes for those who love to get up on the floor with their sweetheart!!


          With their large repetoire of musical genres underneath their belt, Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns are always able to play  new, popular and classic songs in the style of Rock, Country, Pop, and Rockabilly from the 1940’s to Today’s chart toppers! Their great aim is to please the audience and get the crowd moving to the LANDSLIDE beats!

          During their live shows, LANDSLIDE strives to entertain all age groups with their exciting sets of music and is happy to play individual special song requests whenever possible. Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns are outfitted with up-to-date equipement, hardware and technology with a focus on the sound and presentation of their duo act.

          Their characteristic sound starts with Jim Cairns’ trusty vintage Gibson 335 Electric guitar and Fender Twin Amp while Al Tkatch will compliment this great combination with a veritable gourmet selection of  world class guitars, amps or something more exotic from the string instrument family.

          Making great use of music techniques learned from their formal music education  background, garnered while attending university and college, they combine the best of many worlds: from having a music degree to their years of experience of playing on the road and in town at different venues. LANDSLIDE  is always making sure they sound just right and in tune for you! They seek to be the best show they can be and strive to be always more memorable and unique than all the rest!

          LANDSLIDE’s music is a winner with any crowd! They love to engage with their audience, making humourous jokes and encouraging their listeners to become dancers with them.  For Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns, there is no better compliment to them as musicians, than to see a floor full of people dancing to their special brand of music! 

           Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns are steadfastly dedicated to the enduring maintenace of their unique sound! While visually, they are only two men  they sound like they are a full bandon stage,!! Outfitted with their own personally custom made backing tracks, they conduct their shows, with their purpose in mind ,that they are for their audiences’ ultimate enjoyment , giving them the rare and special “LIVE MUSIC VENUE” experience. 

         THE LANDSLIDE SHOW is surely better than the impersonal sound and attidude of a DJ pushing a button on an Ipod or laptop or a “canned, tinny and low grade” sound of a karoke machine and the off key singing of reluctant and perhaps drunk person. LANDSLIDE’s Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns are LIVE, MUSICAL and PLAYING JUST FOR YOU!

           Consistency,punctuality, dependability and versatility are amongst LANDSLIDE’s audience appeal! Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns are both outstanding lead singers and also extraordinary lead guitarists as well!  Each man has their own unique complimentary and harmonious style that blend and mesh well for any type of pecial musical occasion from the formal wedding to a beloved’sbirthday party, to rousing a dance floor at a restaurant or lounge during a seasonal holiday to even ringing in the new year or a grand celebration to be well attended and remembered by all!

           With enough notice, LANDSLIDE will custom make their musical sets to include personal dedications, sing Happy Birthday, help someone romance a sweetheart, and generally cheer people up and toast them to a life of good luck and long life! During extra special times such as holiday seasons through out the calender year, LANDSLIDE will includes theme oriented songs, novelty tunes and even a long lost but not forgotten classical instrumental to add to the audience’s auditory and participatory pleasure.

           With the rarity of live musical performers, the ultimate epitome of duo acts is LANDSLIDE!  Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns’ clean cut, boy-next door good lucks, pleasant personality, polite manners and well groomed professional look, dedication and presentaton, they are always enthusiastic to play to new audiences who haven’t had the opportunity to listen to them at, while remembering and still being available to their many and regular fans.

           Al Tkatch and Jim Cairns will always continue to bring a LANDSLIDE perfomance and a well recieved, well-reviewed time to every venue they visit. 

          There are many reasons why LANDSLIDE have been peforming professionally for many years to the delight of their audience members.

Find out for yourself and join the ranks of happily musically rewarded and listening LANDSLIDE LOVERS!! 

Available for bookings through their email:

Text by April Smith journalist-face-small2

 Copyright 2008. Reprinted with permission.


Today Landslide is now online!

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We’re now on the world wide web! This gives us a chance to connect with our fans and friends and let you know where we’re going be next!  Stay Tuned!